Advancyte Surgical ™ | Innovative Fat Grafting Solutions
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Surgical Innovation needs all the help it can get from scientists to surgeons.

There lies the purpose of Advancyte Surgical ™.

advancyte surgical fat grafting

We are a MedTech

Advancyte Surgical ™ is based in Cannes – France and specialized in fat grafting solutions for surgeons.

Purification of adipose tissue

Fat transfer or lipofilling or lipomodelling can be classified into three sub-categories: nano transfers, micro transfers and macro transfers. The process of the harvested adipose tissue must eliminate undesirable fluids (water, oil and blood). There are three main principles of purification of the fatty tissue whose purification capacities are different.

  • Centrifugation
  • Decantation
  • Filtration & wash. Based on this modern process, we have developed our medical devices which allow an efficient elimination of the oily, aqueous and blood phase without the inconveniences of the centrifugation.

A full range of fat grafting solutions

Our medical devices are based on innovations from complementary skills between plastic surgeons and  public research.

We offer a full range of innovative medical purification devices dedicated to nano fat transfer, micro fat transfer and macro fat transfer.

Soon available

We are actually in an phase of research and development and we will be ready in late 2018 to propose our products to all surgeons performing fat transfer.